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Through individual counseling, I provide the opportunity for my clients to become introspective and to see the role they play in the challenges they face in their lives.  I provide a thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, insightful and safe environment for clients to explore the challenges they face in their lives and to explore ways to overcome the challenges.  When my clients are complete with the therapeutic process, they feel empowered, encouraged and able to work through the challenges they face in life with confidence and grace.


The counseling groups I run provide a safe space and the opportunity for group members to explore the challenges they face in life.  Group members are encouraged to bring their true selves to the group and to explore their challenges deeply.  My clients find that it is helpful to find support and encouragement in a group with people who are facing the same challenges they face.  The groups I run offer support, compassion, safety, insight, healing and growth.


Through life coaching, I work with the client to develop a life plan, which is the focus of the work we do together.  Through uncovering core beliefs and talking about the challenges that come up for the client as they work on their life plan, I am able to effectively coach them through creating the lives of their dreams.  Coaching clients work their way to greatness through following up and following through with the goals they set for their lives.  


Are you looking for an effective healing process that doesn't involve a great deal of talk therapy? If so, this process could be the answer for you. Conscious Connected Breathing is a simple breathing technique and a powerful emotional cleansing tool. The philosophy of Conscious Connected Breathing or Rebirthing was created by Leonard Orr. He described it as a way of connecting our respiratory systems or breath with infinite being, pure life energy or God. The breath supports us in releasing unresolved, conscious and unconscious emotional and mental energy. These emotional and mental energies are often the cause of stress, fear, and sickness.

Conscious Connected Breathing is one of the best stress management techniques available to us. As we begin to release the mental and emotional pain from the past, we experience less stress, greater freedom and our lives work better as a result. There is no prior experience needed to have an effective session except willingness, a desire to heal and being able to breathe on your own.

These breath work sessions last from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. It starts with processing through the challenge you would like to clear and moves into breathing.